The Rise of Data Centres

The data centre sector has seen a fair amount of change over the past couple of years, including the move towards hyperscale size which are now the most common data centres worldwide. Since the pandemic we have seen data centres become a significant part of our critical national infrastructure here in the UK with more data stored in the past 12 months than any time ever recorded.

A recent study showed that the global data centre market was worth £166.7bn in 2021 with projected growth to hit £336bn by the end of 2028. The study suggested that this growth was due to an increase in the number of data centres following a period of greater investment by governments and private corporations as well as the move towards cloud based environments for businesses.

The rise of 5G and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, machine learning (ML), and big data were also cited as reasons for the expected growth within the sector.

As data centres become increasingly attractive as an investment asset class, our team are able to utilise their knowledge, gained from working with experienced investors, in order to advise on complex data centre investments and acquisitions.

We understand how to navigate this sector and have experience in all aspects of this emerging asset class so can provide tailored advice to suit your data centre needs. Our clients include:

  • Investors
  • Enterprise/hyperscale operators
  • Cloud data centre providers
  • Managed services providers
  • End users/tenants/customers
  • Developers

We draw upon a highly experienced group of professionals who are able to advise clients on a broad range of areas that impact the data centre sector including:

  • Acquisition and investment – (private equity, venture capital and joint venture) and real estate asset
  • Occupation 
  • Development
  • Construction and projects
  • Outsourcing
  • Environmental and planning
  • Data protection and cyber security
  • Information technology
  • Regulatory
  • Intellectual property
  • Energy
  • Telecoms